Alphonso Mango: Known as the King of mangoes from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Hailed as the most flavourful and aromatic mango in the world by top chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi & Gordon Ramsay, our Alphonso mango puree with its thick creamy texture and tiny tidbits recreates the essential Alphonso mango experience in an easy to use form. Applications range from simple desserts and drinks like mango sorbets, ice-cream toppings and milkshakes to more complex gastronomic wonders like mango souffle, mousse, macarons and more.

Our Export Packaging & its details: 

  • Each individual fruit of mango will be enclosed in a clean, white, soft, expandable and netted type polystyrene sleeve to prevent bruising before packing in a box
  • The mangoes are packed in insect-proof boxes
  • The materials used inside the package are new, clean, and of a quality such as to avoid causing any external or internal damage to the mangoes
  • Mangoes are packed in each container in compliance with the Recommended International Code of Practice for Packaging


  1. Alphonso Mango – March to May
  2. Kesar Mango – May to July
  3. Beganpalli Mango – May to July
  4. Langra Mango – May to July
  5. Totapuri Mango – 12 months

Shipment: Air

Note:- The Packing in Mango Box is either 3 Kg (Flip-Flop Box) or 4 Kg (Tray Box) depending on the type of Box chosen. These are the sizes which are generally used by us to export. However, we are open to discuss in case you require any customized packing size if we have adequate quantity.

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